Indian cooking class

Indian cooking class

India has the chance to have a large number of local food that grow in the country. As we are in Kerala, we could see lots of rice fields, coconuts and banana trees, without counting the numerous other fruits and vegetables available. The food in Kerala is very diversified as well as the taste. They use many different spices such as masala spice, mustard seeds, ginger and more importantly chili. It creates delicious dishes even though our stomachs need to adapt to the change of taste and more specifically the spiciness!

Indeed the Indians love to put chili in any kind of dish. If you are sensible to it, be careful to ask for a little spicy, which will be very spicy at the end !

Another part of the culture is that the Indus are vegetarian, or at least most of them. Juan and I are almost vegetarian and we can say that we feel in paradise in this country as we don’t have to eat “tofu” only but a wide range of other vegetarian dishes.

We are now staying in a great Home Stay called Dazzle Dew in Aleppey. The housewife is very friendly and cooks incredibly well, and not too spicy.. ! She offers cooking classes which we could not wait to take to discover a little more of the secret of the Indian food.
Have a look at the recipes, it is right here!

Bon appétit!

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