5 things to get used to while in India

5 things to get used to while in India

After traveling in India a little more than one week, we started to realize things that while traveling here, you need to get use to or pass by without notice in order to enjoy India. Below will be the 5 most things you will need to get used to while traveling in India. We think once you have reached the moment where these things won’t bother you, then it will be easier to enjoy India at its best.

1. The trash
2. The smell
3. The bargaining
4. The spicy food
5. The constant honking

Okay, let’s start by the trash. The amount of trash is everywhere. In Delhi, there was trash all over the place, specially around the train tracks. It was quite amazing to see that everyone just throws the trash on the floor, no matter what it is and keep going on like nothing. We kept all of our trash until we would find a trash bin but gave up trying to find one so we just waited until we got back to the room. What we started doing was carrying a small bag with us and would put the trash in it until going back to the room. The south is way cleaner than the north of India, but still a bit hard to find trash bins around the city.

Then what happens when all of the trash is everywhere? Comes the smell. Don’t get me wrong, not everywhere you go smells bad but certain areas with overload mounts of trash is quite overwhelming sometimes. When you are by an area like this, walk quickly through it or cover your face with a pashmina or scarf and you will be fine.

Another thing to get used to is the bargaining. Bargaining for shopping, taxis, tuk-tuks, etc. if you are not good at that, make sure to ask at the hotel or hostel what would be the approximate cost for something. When you are going to bargain, ask the price for what you want, then start by cutting the price at least 20% of the asking price until you get to the point you think it’s right.

Now, the food is really good here, specially local restaurants that look clean, the food is amazing. The only thing we have found hard to do is eat it with all of the spiciness. No matter how specifically say not to make it spicy, still somehow is very spicy. We are hoping after couple of weeks of eating that way, we will get used to it to the point the spiciness won’t bother us anymore.

And last but not least, the constant honking, by cars, taxis, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, buses, trucks, even bicycles. It’s not just one person but everyone honks. The funny thing is no one really pays any attention to why others are honking, everyone just keeps their way, and that’s it. No one really moves out of their way to let someone else pass, or to make a right turn, nothing, just keep your way no matter who is behind you honking like crazy. Really don’t have any recommendation for this one except act like every other person and ignore it. Life will be easier!

India is beautiful, and what makes it more beautiful is the people. We encourage everyone to explore India and enjoy its beauty and energy in every way. However, keep in mind these 5 things to get used to while in India and you will have a great time. Enjoy the culture and all it has to offer. You will learn to appreciate life at its fullest. And remember to shanti shanti, which means take it easy!



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